Sunday, April 18, 2010


After conducting my interview with Toni Montes of F451 Arquitectura, I started to take my general ideas and storyboards about what the project was to be about and start to really get into the details of scene progression, shots I wanted to include for specific effect, and what I would be saying in each video. I considered doing everything in Catalan and putting subtitles, but I think I am going to have to table that idea for now, perhaps it will make a director's cut in the future though.
To do this I took a general layout that I had in mind, (consisting of only a few words and phrases that gave a general idea of the video) and from this I constructed a written document of what I wanted the video to say. As I wrote this document, I had in mind several images and clips that I knew would go well with what I was saying, so I added a thumbnail, note, or sketch of that image to the document where I thought it would best fit. After doing this with all three topics, I am now beginning to fill in the gaps and restructure the document as needed.

Each paper was a bit different as in each video I will be trying a slightly different approach, using different techniques to relate my experiences.

In the Culture video which is about the contrast of living in a metropolis such as Barcelona with finding areas of solitude within the city I plan to use a lot of the sounds I've recorded of both types of environment as backdrop sounds for the movie. I thought that I would let the activity and the spaces speak for themselves more to create a sense of the place, only adding my own analysis when necessary. Main highlights of this video include mastering public transportation (contrasted with hitch-hiking in northern Catalunya), checking out Barcelona's parks, how I grew to love an urban lifestyle, and how i changed my itenerary from trying to see everything in Europe to really getting to know a few unique areas.

Much of my ideas for the professional video evolved from what I gleaned from my interview. In the half hour interview I only had to ask four questions, as Toni was a well of information and really worked with me, the interviewer to make what he was saying relevant and useful to the project. This video will therefore be centered around the interview along with my experience working as an architect (although it wasn't technically a real project) in such an architecturally forthcoming and cutting edge area as the "22@" district in Barcelona.

In the third video I will discuss the idea of the Catalan identity and the people's desire for an entirely autonomous state, separate from Madrid. This video contains more commentary of my reactions to certain things I saw and perceptions of the place and the issue that I now have because of my experience living here. I feel as if I have a lot of strong visual evidence for this project, while in the first project I have strong audio evidence, and in the second a lot of personnel experience.

In this way I hope to explore the gamut of techn
iques that we have learned over the course of the semester. I am glad to have been given such a wide range of techniques, as the subjects of which my videos cover require different methods for relaying what I want to say about each one. I will be posting the most recent (I don't want to say "final" as I am big believer in making changes all the way through the final production of a project) editions of the storyboard shortly, but I will leave you with a shot of my view for the afternoon:

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  1. An especially good description of your "story boarding" as part of the multimodal compositional process. I think others will benefit from your "how-to"!