Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project Ideas

I am pretty excited to start working on my projects. I've been doing a basic "story-baord" so to speak in my head as I've been experiencing Barcelona. Here are a few basic ideas for how I am starting to approach each of the videos.

Personal: I really want to portray my experience of living in an urban environment, especially one so vibrant as Barcelona. I'd like to show back and forth between the fast pace movement of the city contrasted to a few "respites" from city life that I have found. I feel like I can make a lot of use of using audio clips along with the video and pictures to portray this. By switching back and forth from these busy experiences, for example right outside my window, to the more peaceful ones of say Montjuic Park, I can also portray the cadence of the life that I have led here in the city.

Professional: I am really looking forward to doing this video. Our architecture studio is located directly adjacent to the offices and studio of EMBT, a world renowned firm founded by the late Enriq Miralles. We were able to tour their studio earlier in the year, and I believe that I will be able to interview one of their personnel to discuss architecture and it's role in Barcelona, as well as who Catalunyan architecture and the works of EMBT have made an impression on the architecture community as a whole. I also would like to get an opinion on this subject from my studio professor who himself is a renowned architect in the region.

Public Issues: For this video I would like to look at the Catalunyan sense of independence from Spain. Although they are recognized as an "autonomous" state, they still feel as if the Spanish Monarchy and parliament are alien to them and do not have the right to claim the region as part of their rule. I would like to interview a friend of mine and Clsemson University alum, Sarah Moore who is currently working as an au pair for a Catalunyan family. This family speaks little Spanish and so Sarah has had to learn much of the language. I would like to compare her experience with this idea of independence, from what I have learned since being over here.

I'm looking forward to putting these videos together to share my experiences here.

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  1. i see why you are excited about the professional project. It looks promising. I will be interested to learn new things about the self-identification of different "ethnos" groups (within a larger cultural group) in your public issues projects.