Sunday, February 21, 2010

Digital Photography

A sampling of photographs that I took to implement the techniques that I learned from this weeks lesson on digital photography techniques. The pictures were taken in Span and Germany.
Kyle at Doner Kebob. Keeping the photo tight and using the rule of thirds.

Whirlwind of trash engulfing Evan. A downward shot of Evan sitting in the trash. Fitting given the context of the shot.

As an architecture major, I'd say the upwards shot is perhaps the most commonly used to the scale and nature of the subject matter.

Marianplatz, Munich, Germany. Looking at the tower and statue at night using rule of thirds and again during the day with different light settings and employing an arch to naturally frame the photograph.

Snow in Olympic Park, Munich at two different scales and using different orientations.

Carnival Parade in Barcelona. I thought this one turned out particularly well given the lighting conditions, rain, and quick movement of the people. Although i don't own a tripod, this is a great example of what can happen to your photograph when the picture is taken by an unsteady hand. The focus on the one drummer mixed with the blurriness of the other paraders, however, portrays well the environment and liveliness of the parade.

The lake at Retiro Park at different scales and orientations.

A monastery floor taken using different scale, orientation, and location of subjects in the shot.

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  1. The monastery wide-shot with the individual person gave a great sense of immensity!